We exist in Brazil since 1982, manufacturing with know-how technologies and innovating solutions for the textiles industry and the photo-product manufacture. In addition, we distribute hardware and accessories for the furniture industry, and we a business unit entirely focused on the distribution of glass.

We have adopted a leadership attitude with professionalism and excellence in all markets we are selling,
which helped us to become the largest manufacturer of textile customization machines in Brazil and a
reference of quality, durability and cost saving. Furthermore, we sell to more than 30 countries around the globe, namely business partners and distributors in Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, thus taking to the world the potential, dedication and quality of the Brazilian work.


Unit 1 - Headquarters

Unit responsible for the production of machinery and equipment for the textile industry and digital printers. It is also responsible for storage and distribution of photo products.

Unit 2 – Furniture and Hardware

Unit 2 is responsible for the storage and distribution of hardware and accessories line retailers and industries of the furniture sector. The Metalnox Hardware has an integrated and balanced management, practice values ​​that become even more transparency and seriousness as the business is growing.

Unit 3 - Northeast Business Unit

Unit 3 is responsible for distributing blades of flat glass and mirrors to the north and northeast regions of Brazil, serving the construction market of these regions. It is also responsible for logistical support and distribution of other Group companies, also moving closer to its customers