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MDM 280- Folding Machine


High productivity, efficiency, accurate folds, cost saving and excellent cost x benefit ratio are only a few of the benefits this folding machine is capable of, which already is a reference in the market. With its operation fully automatic, the MDM 280- only requires the operator to feed the workpieces in, thus requiring much less labor and offering a much faster process.

Model MDM 280 folding machine
Mains voltage (V) 220 Volts Single-phase/Bi-phase
Power consumption (kW/h) 0.6
Air consumption (cu.ft/min and l/min) 3.6 / 100
Indicated compressor (cu.ft/min) 10
Package (L x W x H mm) 1540 x 1140 x 1210
Power(Kw) 0.7
Current (A) 3.2

Machine dimensions in millimeters

Length (B)
Width (A)
Recommended operation width (C)
Recommended operation length (D)

2 workers in a regular 8-hour shift can do 150% more production by using the MDM 280 folding machine.

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MDM 280- Folding Machine


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