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CMD 1800 – Multi Function Calender


The CMD 1800- MULTI-FUNCTION DUAL CALENDER is designed to perplaten thermal sublimation print transfers on cutout/located pieces for continuous basis. Its pioneer dual felt protection system allows for eliminating the use of Kraft paper because in this case coils of re-used transfer paper can be used for to do the same job.

The CMD 1800 has a digital speed dial that allows you to better control your production. This machine allows for continuous printing, i.e., there is no need for manual fee ding in of workpieces and paper during operation. As a safety device for the machine and the production being made on it, the CMD 1800- is fitted with a no-break system, which, in case of any power failure, prevents the equipment and the work materials from becoming burned. In addition, the CMD-1800- is fitted with a safety sensor capable of preventing the access to the rolls while the machine is running, and a meterage counter for production control. The CMC-1800- calenders offer significant benefits as follows:

- Less labor requirement (compared to a conventional heat press) since there is no need for paper removal, thus requiring only 1 operator per machine;

- Maximum usage of paper and sublimation ink within the entire application area;

- Power saving, (Maximum production with the same power consumption when compared to a conventional heat press);

- Even temperature, pressure and driving force over the entire application area, thus preventing 2nd-quality runs;

- Environmental contamination-proof system;

- Less space requirements compared to conventional screen-printing machinery;

- No air compressor or compressed air required;

- Improved quality of colors and detail sharpness, without any shadows or stains*;

- No specialized labor required, i.e., the quality of the thermal transfer lays on the machine rather than on the operator skills when compared to conventional heat presses;

- It allows for applying prints on cutout/located workpieces and also on continuous fabrics on the same machine;

- It allows for applying prints to every type of textile goods, including large sizes like towels, flags, etc.

*Considering transfer bobbins printed in Metalnox Digital printers, such as ePrint Super Strong.

Model CMD 1800 CMD 1800
Mains voltage (V) 220 Volts 3-phase 380 Volts 3-phase
Diameter of the thermal cylinder 220mm 220mm
Recommended Kraft paper (weight/sq.m) 100g/m² 100g/m²
Heating principle Electric with thermal oil Electric with thermal oil
Working temperature Max 220ºC Max 220ºC
Power consumption (kW/h) 8.9 8.9
Package (L x W x H mm) 2980x2100x1850 2980x2100x1850
Safety No-break (control) 1,2KVA - 220/220VAC - 10/5,4/A 1,2KVA - 220/220VAC - 10/5,4/A
Fed-in media Transfer paper, fabric and protective paper Transfer paper, fabric and protective paper
Power(Kw) 18.8 18.8
Current (A) 49.4 28.0
Weight 1822 1822
Useful width 1700 1700
Transfer width 1,8m (1800mm) 1,8m (1800mm)
Production speed (pieces/hour) 1 a 3 m/min 1 a 3 m/min

The following tables show in percentage the gain in production volume and the cost reduction with paper and workers’ rates when using Metalnox calenders.

The following testing results were obtained by Metalnox regarding consumption of power, paper and production time compared to a conventional heat press.


Metalnox CMD- Calender: 10 ready-made garments on 5,5m of paper.

Flat-platen heat press: 10 ready-made garments on 7m of paper.


Metalnox CMD- Calender: 2 ready-made T-shirts on 2,3m of paper.

Flat-platen heat press: 2 ready-made T-shirts on 4,2m of paper.


Metalnox CMD- Calender: 28 ready-made pieces on 2,25m of paper.

Flat-platen heat press: 28 ready-made pieces on 2,8m of paper.

The testing was carried out on the following specimens: Bermuda mold size 42, Bikini-unique size and T-shirt size G in comparison with a PTA 950- heat press.


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